The Problem

Powersports equipment sales are dramatically on the rise and increasingly accessible to a misinformed and untrained public- most specifically children who are quick to ride yet have no comprehension of the risks associated with powersport recreation.

While numerous organizations exist which promote powersports safety, the information is siloed within the powersports community, and the general public lacks access to education about the necessity for proper gear — this is especially true for children, who are the victims in 1 of 5 fatal ATV accidents. 
Astonishingly while UTV sales rise, helmet sales are reportedly dropping as consumers are lulled into a false sense of security with seatbelts, a steering wheel, and roll cages.  Furthermore, despite legal requirements for children under the age of 18 to wear helmets in most states—helmets are often viewed as optional and perceived as being too expensive.


  1. Dramatically reduce the number of powersport injuries and fatalities by inspiring children and adults to wear helmets, proper safety gear, and obtain safety certification before operating Powersports equipment-particularly ATVs and UTVs.
  1. Unify powersport and motorsports athletes and influencers globally to stand up and speak out about the importance of proper gear and training— and remind kids that riding without it is not cool.
  1. Work collectively with school districts, law enforcement, state agencies, national organizations, corporations, local businesses and the media to encourage children to always wear the proper gear before riding on any form of powersport equipment.
  1. Encourage the public to experience the fun, camaraderie, and the lifestyle of powersports while underpinning the critical importance of understanding your equipment and terrain —putting safety first in all powersport activities.

Statistics that Drive Us

  • 15,744 Americans were fatally injured in ATV accidents from 1982-2018.
  • 3,353 American children under the age of 16 were fatally injured in ATV accidents over the same period.*
  • 1 in 5 of all fatal ATV accidents involve children under the age of 16. Children under 12 represent nearly half of all child fatalities.
  • 198,000 ATV-related injuries treated in the U.S. emergency departments  from 2016-2017.  More than 1 in 4 of these injuries were sustained by children younger than 16 years of age.*  
  • There is a statistically significant correlation between ATV-related fatalities and failure to wear a helmet. In the State of Wisconsin for example, in 89% of fatalities, the victim was not wearing a helmet (2013-2017).
  • There is a statistically significant correlation between ATV-related fatalities and failure to obtain safety certification. In 95% of ATV related fatalities in the State of Wisconsin for example, the victim had received no safety certification (2013-2017).

*Consumer Product Safety Commission



Despite the widespread number of individuals, corporations and organizations which spread a message of powersport safety, there has been a remarkable failure to capture the attention of America’s youth.  This is illustrated by the high rate of ATV fatalities which involves children under the age of 16—shocking numbers which continue to grow.

In the vast majority of fatalities there is a lack of helmet use and also a failure to obtain safety certification.  Simply putting on a helmet and obtaining safety certification before operating powersport equipment will dramatically save lives —yet children are not getting the message, as they do not tend to read press releases advocating safety, which is the primary means of circulating safety information for the powersport industry.

We bring iconic powersports — who capture the imagination and the attention of youth and adults— together in a united network to deliver an impressionable safety message.